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Visualize Keyboard Scales & Modes

This is the ultimate book for learning and mastering all nine Western scales and modes, whether you read music or not. This book brings together the music fundamentals of scales, modes, and all 30 major and minor keys presented in easy to follow visual graphics, music notation with solfege (moveable “do”), and bonus theory lessons. It is the perfect supplement for music lessons (all instruments and voice), music theory classes, group piano, musicianship-aural skills, and piano proficiency classes. All ages, all levels.

Includes several motivational elements to ensure student success: (1) straightforward, step by step presentation in order to gain complete musical fluency; (2) two practice charts to keep track of progress; (3) suggested approach, lesson plans, and inspirational message for students; (4) theory lessons for a deeper dive into music fundamentals and to build foundational music vocabulary; (5) fun “favorite scales and modes notepad” pages; (6) tips on how to practice, study, memorize, with an emphasis on improvisation and performing; (7) vibrant and engaging color graphics to enhance the learning experience.

Organized by tonic - 9 Western scales and modes presented from the same starting point (18 tonics). Organized by 15 major keys (modes presented in the context of each key). Major, natural minor, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales. Dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, and locrian modes. Relative and parallel key relationships, master the Circle of 5ths and all 30 major and minor key signatures. Scale degrees, solfege (moveable “do”), letter names, piano-keyboard graphics, music notation on the grand staff (bass and treble clefs).

Visualize Keyboard Scales & Modes

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