Schatten C-12 Cello Bridge Pickup with Jack Assembly

Schatten C-12 Cello Bridge Pickup with Jack Assembly

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The Schatten C-12 STD model cello pickup offers brilliance and clarity of sound with absolutely no modifications to your instrument. The Schatten C-12 provides a combination of tremendous sound coupled with amazing response. The pickup has excellent volume, and is strong and sweet throughout its full dynamic range. The C-12 piezo sensing unit is quite small and light in weight, and measures just 1/2" x 5/8" x 1/8" thick. It goes on to your cello bridge with a little bit of the included adhesive putty and is easily removable. The C-12 pickup sensor is pre-wired to a beautiful hand-crafted walnut-faced jack assembly that clamps quickly and securely between the center strings just above the tail piece. Bridge not included. This pickup provides clean, clear sound reproduction, and has sufficient output to drive most amplifiers directly without a need for a preamp. If you are plugging into a mixer or PA system you may require a preamp to increase the signal strength to match that system. We recommend the Schatten Mini-Pre preamp for this pickup system.