David Lanz & Kristin Amarie - Silhouettes of Love

David Lanz & Kristin Amarie - Silhouettes of Love

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In earlier days, Grammy-nominated pianist David Lanz was also a singer songwriter. However, the combination of his strengths as a pianist and composer led him into the instrumental genre that he is most well known for. “Now with the stunning voice and artistry of composer and lyricist Kristin Amarie,” says Lanz, “I have again found my lyrical path and the perfect collaborator to bring that to life.” This folio includes all 13 songs from Lanz & Amarie's collaborative musical, Silhouettes of Love. Songs: Amore Eterno Redux • Circles Round the Moon • Dante and Beatrice (Fra Beatrice) • Falling • Found by Love's Return • Lady on the Shore • Our Illusion • The Promise • Silhouette of Love • Silver Threads (Without You) • So in Love • The Soaring Heart • Waiting for the Sun.