Celebration Series Piano Etudes 2022 Edition - Level 2

Celebration Series Piano Etudes 2022 Edition - Level 2

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Includes online recording.

Etude in F Major, op. 190, no. 27

Christian Louis Heinrich Köhler

Allegro in C Major, op. 38, no. 8

Johann Wilhelm Hässler

Etude in D Major, op. 139, no. 33

Carl Czerny

Etude in D Minor, op. 82, no. 65

Cornelius Gurlitt

Pierrot Skipping (Pierrot sautille)

Hedwige Chrétien

The Little Juggler, op. 89, no. 21

Dmitri Kabalevsky

Bird in the Bebop

Wynn-Anne Rossi

Arcade Game

Janet Gieck

Crazy Comics

Christine Donkin

Trumpet Blues

Christopher Norton

The Wind

Chee-Hwa Tan

Autumn Leaves

Linda Niamath

Rustic Dance

Kerstin Strecke

The Lonely Shepherd

Dennis Alexander

Razzle Dazzle

Ailbhe McDonagh


Emily Doolittle

Etude in G Major, op. 166, no. 6

Henri Bertini

Peking Opera on Black Keys

Edward Han Jiang