12 Italian Keyboard Sonatas

12 Italian Keyboard Sonatas

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The series Eighteenth Century Italian Music includes compositions of special historical and musical significance. Each edition is based on the original sources to offer performers works that satisfy clear critical and musicological criteria. This anthology includes twelve harpsichord sonatas carefully selected from among those written by ten of the most important eighteenth-century Italian composers of keyboard music.

Contents: ALBERTI: Sonata Op. 1, No. 4 • DURANTE: Studio No. 5, Divertimento No. 5 • GALUPPI: Sonata Op. 2, No. 3 • PARADIES: Sonata No. 6 • PESCETTI: Sonata No. 11 • PLATTI: Sonata No. 2 • RUTINI: Sonata Op. 8, No. 6 • SARTI: Sonata No. 1 • D SCARLATTI: Sonata, K. 69 • Sonata, K. 208 • Sonata, K. 491 • ZIPOLI: Sonata No. 1

“These sonatas are fun to play. The score is visually clean, easy to read; idiomatic scalar and broken-chord patterns produce a full, rich keyboard sound.” –American Music Teacher