Yamaha APX700II thinline body cutaway electro-acoustic guitar

Yamaha APX700II thinline body cutaway electro-acoustic guitar

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The 6-string Yamaha APX700II thinline body cutaway electro-acoustic guitar features a solid spruce top, Nato back and sides, 1-way Art piezo pickup, and wood soundhole inlay.

The Yamaha APX700II is an improved version of the APX700 cutaway electro-acoustic guitar offering improved cosmetics and tone. The Yamaha APX700II electro-acoustic guitar features a thin-profile body, a solid spruce top delivering warm, mature overtones, and Nato back and sides for rich voicing, with a long ringing sustain. 

Cosmetics improvements of the Yamaha APX700II electro-acoustic guitar include wooden sound hole inlay, ivory / black body binding, maple bottom inlay, and mother-of-pearl APX and Yamaha headstock logos and position markers on the rosewood fingerboard. 

The Yamaha APX700II electro-acoustic guitar's onboard electronics feature the newly developed System 64 1-way ART piezo pickup plus a Yamaha preamp with an onboard tuner and 3-band EQ, and improved tuner, plus AA battery powered for longer life and better dynamic response.

Yamaha's System 64 1-way ART pickup system featured on the Yamaha APX700II electro-acoustic classical guitar offers the most natural, dynamic and expressive electro-acoustic sound. Multi-layer contact sensors combine wide dynamic range with feedback rejection for accurate and natural performance sound.

The Yamaha APX700II electro-acoustic's thin-line body combines icomfort, top-fret access and a sound suited to on-stage use with bright, clear mids, balanced highs and controlled lows. Specially designed non-scalloped X-type bracing allows the APX700II guitar's top to sing and maximizes the resonance of the unique body shape for a full, natural tone.

With a confortable thin 3-1/8 to 3-9/16 inch body depth and fast neck, the transition from an electric guitar to the Yamaha APX700II electro-acoustic could not be easier.

6-String cutaway electro-acoustic guitar.
Solid Spruce top.
Nato back and sides.
Rosewood fingerboard.
25.59 inches scale length.
22 frets.
APX Thinline 3-1/8 - 3 9/16 body depth.
Oval soundhole.
Chrome tuning machines.
Two contact pickups mounted inside of the body underneath the saddle.
System 64 1way A.R.T. preamp.
Preamp: Yamaha-made, with improved ergonomics, improved tuner performance.
AA battery powered for longer life and better dynamic response.
Updated cosmetics.
Wood soundhole inlay.
Translucent Black headstock finish.
Truss rod adjustable from soundhole.
Vintage Sunburst finish. 

Yamaha APX
The legendary Yamaha APX series is excellent for playing and sound characteristics. The extremely slim design and the cutaway allow for easy playing in the upper frets. For years, the Yamaha APX series the most reliable live guitar at all and thus explains the large spread on stages all over the world. The APX series is characterized by a rich sound in the midrange and treble. Even the soft lead sound is always has nice accents and makes each performance a memorable experience.

The high end Yamaha APXs includes a pick-up system, based on contact microphones, which are mounted on the underside of the guitar top. 
This system produces a clear and defined sound and a higher output before feeding back.