Violin & Cello & More - 10 Duets

Violin & Cello & More - 10 Duets

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A violinist and a cellist having fun together! Whoever heard of such a thing? But that is exactly what Alexey Igudesman has provided for in his “Violin & Violoncello and More”. He has responded to popular demand and arranged – no, recreated! – duets from his previous publications for two violins. These encompass many different styles but always with Alexsey’s own individual and quirky touch.

The contents list reads like a world tour, passing through Scotland, Ireland, Israel, Khazakhstan and many other countries. Igudesman took great care to “custom make” the cello part as he wanted these arrangements to be as musically valuable as his original versions. He encourages the players to be creative, adding improvisation or even choreography but, above all, to have fun.

These pieces will suit intermediate players who want to be stretched or more advanced students who simply want to let their hair down!