Thomastik Infeld Peter Infeld Violin Strings

Thomastik Infeld Peter Infeld Violin Strings

Department: Strings

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A revolution in tonal sound and colour for the discerning musician, Peter Infeld (PI) strings produce a rich spectrum of sound colors, the perfect blend of power and elegance, and a wide dynamic range. The strings deliver instant bow response as well as superior tuning ability. The soft left hand feeling brings out the best in you and your performance. Choose from Tin, Gold and the unique Platinum plated and thus very powerful E-strings, and the Aluminum or Silver wound D-strings to achieve a made-to-measure sound for each individual instrument and player.


  • Rich spectrum of sound colours
  • Perfect blend of power and elegance
  • High dynamic range Instant bow response
  • Superior tuning stability

Full Set Gauges:

  • PI01PT -- e² mi² I Chrome steel, platinum plated 8.3 kg 18.3 lb
  • PI02 -- a¹ la¹ II Synthetic core, aluminum wound 5.5 kg 12.1 lb
  • PI03A -- d¹ re¹ III Synthetic core, silver wound 4.8 kg 10.5 lb
  • PI04 -- g sol IV Synthetic core, silver wound 4.7 kg 10.3 lb