Stretto® Humidifier with Hygrometer for Violin or Viola

Stretto® Humidifier with Hygrometer for Violin or Viola

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Stretto 1020 Humidifier for Violin, Viola and Small Instruments includes a case, two humid bags and a Digital Hygrometer. The Stretto system evenly releases humidity over time with easy to use microfiber hydration pouches. The container is being attached to the inside of the case. Made in Switzerland.

Humidity Advisory
Central heating, air conditioning and the dry climate parts of the country have done more damage to musical instruments than all other natural forces. There are a few absolutes to follow in order to keep your instrument in top condition and save time and money spent on repair.

1. Use the Stretto system of controlled, moisture release and electronic humidistat.
2. Keep your case closed at all times except to remove or replace the instrument.
3. Replace moisture pouches as needed (keep some spares handy).