Pirastro Violino Violin Strings

Pirastro Violino Violin Strings

Department: Strings

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The very warm sounding synthetic core string modern synthetic core strings warm, smooth and round sound soft and gentle touch excellent response even with low bow pressure low string tension

  • Violino strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre.
  • Warm, smooth and round sound 
  • It is especially easy to explore the subtle differences of tone colors with these strings.
  • Low string tension 
  • Excellent tuning stability
  • Violino strings are very easy to play, have a soft and gentle touch and a fast response, allowing the strings to speak easily even at the lowest bow pressure.
  • Absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity

E-steel, A-aluminum, D- and G-silver

Gauges: Medium