Pirastro Perpetual Violin Strings

Pirastro Perpetual Violin Strings

Department: Strings

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The Perpetual violin strings react in an ideal way to the finest nuances in bow speed and pressure; this enables the musician to play with an extreme range of dynamics and expression. The innovative core material allows a comfortable smoothness during legato, shifting, string crossings, double stops and chords. The extended reverberation of the Perpetual brings forth an exuberant lustre.

  • A string, chromesteel on steel, removeable ballend, medium tension, 31A221
  • A string, aluminium wound synthetic core, ballend, medium tension, 41A221
  • D string, silver wound synthetic core, ballend, medium tension, 41A321
  • G string, silver wound synthetic core, ballend, medium tension, 41A421
  • E string, platin on steel, removeable ballend, diameter: 0.26mm, 31A121

Pirastro Perpetual Violin 4/4 medium, complete set for 4/4 sized violin:

  • E-string platin on steel, diameter 0.26mm, removeable ball-end
  • A-string aluminium wound synthetic core
  • D-string silver wound synthetic core
  • G-string silver wound synthetic core, ball-end, medium tension
  • Set 41A021