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Piano Gallery

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14 Original Piano Pieces Inspired by Great Works of Art

By Pam Wedgwood

Piano Book

Level: Intermediate

Piano Gallery is a beautiful collection of piano pieces inspired by great works of art. By best-selling composer Pam Wedgwood, the intermediate-level pieces are accompanied by explanatory text and a stunning pull-out poster featuring all the paintings. 

Titles: Approach to Venice (Turner) * Bathers at Asnières (Seurat) * The Dance Class (Edgar Degas) * En route pour la pêche (John Singer Sargent) * Fatata te Miti (Paul Gauguin) * Large Wave (Hokusai) * Las Meninas (Velazquez) * Nocturne, Blue and Silver: Chelsea (Whistler) * Paris Street in Rainy Weather (Caillebotte) * Starry Night (Van Gogh) * The Swing (Fragonard) * Where's the Antelope? (Atherton) * Woman with a Parasol (Monet) * Young Spanish Woman with a Guitar (Renoir).