Musafia Lievessima Violin Case

Musafia Lievessima Violin Case

Department: Strings

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The extremely light weight of the Continuum High Tensile construction, the safety offered by the six-ply lamination with the monolithic gluing process and four-point Offset Plane Suspension System, the insulation from heat and cold offered by Tropicalization (thermal insulation), the quality of construction of Mr. Musafia's workshop with 33 years of experience, and the peace of mind offered by the unique lifetime limited warranty, maintenance and repair services, and every Musafia's high resale value.

When compared to a Carbon Fiber case of similar ultra light weight, Lievissima has quite a few distinct advantages:

  • Tropcalization (thermal insulation)
  • includes protective case cover (replaceable) with available pocket
  • shell can withstand up to 80 kg pressure without damaging the violin inside
  • tested superior resistance to temperature and humidity changes
  • plush, roomy interior with closing accessory compartment; crash-tested 4-point Offset Plane suspension system
  • patented SoftTouch rubbery self-locking bow holders
  • superComfort computer-bag style soft leather strap handles
  • subway strap (replaceable)
  • 100% made in Cremona, Italy