Lyon & Healy Prelude 40 Harp

Lyon & Healy Prelude 40 Harp

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The Lyon & Healy Prelude 40 is loved by professional harpists and harp teachers alike and serves as an excellent student harp. The extended range of gut strings have the same tension and spacing as a pedal harp, making this lever harp an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys the look and feel of a classical harp. The larger frame size and solid sitka spruce soundboard produce a consistently warm, full sounding harp that speaks volumes in any venue. An optional brass crown and claw feet add a touch of sophistication to this beautiful harp.


  • 40 strings
  • 5 1/2 octaves
  • 1st octave E to 6th octave A

Weight and dimensions:

  • Height: 64" (163 cm)
  • Soundboard width: 14 7/8" (38 cm)
  • Extreme Width: 33" 1/4 (84 cm)
  • Weight: 44 lbs (20 Kg)

Levers: full set of performance levers.


  • Column, neck and body: hard maple
  • Soundboard: Sitka spruce

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