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J.S. Bach - 413 Chorales Analyzed (edited by Christopher Czarnecki)

The Bach Chorales have been the foundation of great music practice, music education, good taste, form, voice leading, and music theory for more than 150 years.

Here are all of his known chorales gathered into one collection in an easy to read format. Each piece is given it’s own page for easy viewing. But this volume of Bach’s chorales is far different from any other as it also provides in depth harmonic analysis that gives countless insights into Bach’s inexhaustible musical genius. Today’s modern musician will benefit greatly from this book as the chords that Bach used are all notated in modern jazz type chord symbolism that is provided above the staff for ease of comprehension here. Helpful footnotes and important insights regarding J.S. Bach’s thorough-bass style and harmonic vocabulary that were recorded by his son Carl Philip Emanuel are provided throughout the text.

Any person wishing to improve his or her skills in music would benefit greatly from the study of J.S. Bach’s chorales. They have been the bible of western music since the 18th century. This study has now been made significantly easier with this book. What better way to improve your musical skills than by studying the greatest musician who ever lived?

  • The most comprehensive analysis of Johann Sebastian Bach’s chorales to date

  • Use Bach’s harmonic vocabulary to unlock and inspire your own creative genius

  • Hundreds of insightful and helpful pointers for both the classically trained and the modern performer

  • An invaluable resource for the composer, arranger, performer, teacher, student, and music enthusiast alike

J.S. Bach - 413 Chorales Analyzed (edited by Christopher Czarnecki)

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