Humistat Model #3 Humidifier for Cello

Humistat Model #3 Humidifier for Cello

Department: Strings

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Play a larger instrument? Then this is the humidifier for you. Like its smaller counterpart, it releases humidity but not water to provide long-lasting protection against the damaging effects of dry air.

Perfect For:

  • Cellos
  • Basses
  • Bassoons
  • Guitars
  • and other similarly sized instruments

Humistat Humidifiers:

  • Simple to use, yet highly effective and reliable. They won’t leak.
  • Easily refillable. You can see the water level and know precisely when to add more.
  • Help protect against warping, shrinkage, peeling, splitting, cracking–and costly repairs.
  • The only adjustable humidifiers sold anywhere.
  • Designed to last: Made from a clear polycarbonate used in construction and football helmets.
  • No refills to buy, no chemicals, gels, crystals, sponges, tubes, or chalk. Just water.