Guitar Sound Effects (with Online Audio)

Guitar Sound Effects (with Online Audio)

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Explore the Many Sonic Possibilities of the Guitar, From Gear to Techniques and Beyond!

Series: Guitar Educational
Format: Softcover Audio Online - TAB
Authors: Jake Hertzog, Ueli Dörig

This overview of the nearly endless sonic possibilities of the modern guitar shows you how to create a huge variety of analog and digital sounds using a myriad of techniques, pedals, plugins, amps, accessories and more. The accompanying 83 audio tracks available for download or streaming online feature demonstrations of each notated sound effect, along with specially-composed etudes that put them in a musical context. Topics covered include: reverb & delay, looping, wah wah, distortion, compressions, studio effects, slide guitar, sweep & economy picking, alternate tunings & capos, tapping, harmonics, bends, and much more!