Crazy 8ths Totally Treble Card Game - Single Game

Crazy 8ths Totally Treble Card Game - Single Game

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Totally Treble is a version of the original Crazy 8ths game that covers 3 full octaves of treble clef notes, from low E to high E. The deck contains 4 suits of 13 cards, and the games allow you to play with the notes covered in lessons for any treble clef instrument such as violin, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, recorder, flute, clarinet, or oboe.

While the games can be adapted to suit your needs, the games in the rule sheet are designed for 1-6 players ages 6 and up.

The card deck contains 4 colored suits of 11 musical cards covering notes in the treble clefs, and special action cards.

The 52 Musical Cards include:

  • 44 Note Cards (divided into 4 colored suits)
  • 2 Repeat Sign Cards
  • 2 Triplet Cards
  • 4 Rest Cards

This deck also contains 2 wild cards, and a special "musical chair" card that has different effects depending on the game you're playing.

Single Game Contents

  • 1 deck of musical cards, including 1 cheat sheat card
  • 1 illustrated instruction sheet explaining 6 games