Cordoba Mini String Set for E Tuning

Cordoba Mini String Set for E Tuning

SKU: 209664


(6-String, Supernylgut, Ball Ends, 31 - 48)


Intended for use with Cordoba's Mini Series travel guitars, these Mini Strings have been designed in conjunction with the Italy-based string company Aquila to provide the appropriate response and timbre for the specific size and features of the instrument. The treble strings are fashioned from Aquilia's proprietary Supernylgut, which is a synthetic material that sounds and feels like a natural gut string, providing a warm, resonant tone and tuning stability. The bass strings are wound with silver-plated wire. Ball ends have been employed for easier installation.

This set of strings is intended for standard E guitar tuning (low to high): E, A, D, G, B, and high E.