Chopin: First Book for Pianists

Chopin: First Book for Pianists

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The 10 pieces in this book are arranged in approximate order of difficulty and include "Album Leaf," the easiest mazurkas, preludes and more. Each are in their original form and retain the sensitive, expressive character that earned Chopin the title "Poet of the Piano." Derived from "Chopin-an Introduction to His Piano Works," this edition is intended for students in the early grades. Willard Palmer has provided notes on ornamentation, pedaling and fingering.

Albumleaf [Posthumous] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Cantabile in B-Flat Major [Posthumous] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Largo in E-Flat Major [Posthumous] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Mazurka in B-Flat Major [Op. 7, No. 1] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Mazurka in C Major [Op. 67, No. 3] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Mazurka in F Major [Op. 68, No. 3] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Prelude in A Major [Op. 28, No. 7] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Prelude in B Minor [Op. 28, No. 6] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Prelude in E Minor [Op. 28, No. 4] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Waltz in A Minor [Posthumous] - Frédéric Chopin (composer)

Author: Chopin, F.
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Pages: 24
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