Arcus S8 French Gold Mounted Bass Bow

Arcus S8 French Gold Mounted Bass Bow

Department: Strings

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Only a few S8 bows are made every year. In the past we thought it impossible to achieve this level of resonance in bass sticks, but we never gave up and finally succeeded. Let us know if you wish to try one this truly outstanding bows, as they are usually sold before they are finished.

  • Outfit: 585 Gold
  • Stick: round
  • Weight: ca. 112 Gram
  • Frog: Selected Snakewood

A clear, singing sound, rich and warm with plenty of brilliance, crisp articulation, fast response - the Arcus bass bows improve the sound of every bass by quite a margin. The lower weight in combination with the incredibly strong stick allow the fastest and strongest play ever while also providing unmatched ease and comfort.