Arcus S7 French Silver Mounted Bass Bow

Arcus S7 French Silver Mounted Bass Bow

Department: Strings

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The S7 is a dream come true and will put you under its eternal spell really soon. It draws a marvellous sound with incredible ease and allows to play all your music with more precision, elegance and power than you had ever thought possible. You, your colleagues and your audience will love it.

  • Outfit: 935 Silver
  • Stick: round
  • Weight: ca. 112 Gram
  • Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

A clear, singing sound, rich and warm with plenty of brilliance, crisp articulation, fast response - the Arcus bass bows improve the sound of every bass by quite a margin. The lower weight in combination with the incredibly strong stick allow the fastest and strongest play ever while also providing unmatched ease and comfort.