Arcus M4 Viola Bow

Arcus M4 Viola Bow

Department: Strings

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The M4 is fitted with the most durable and beautiful polished stainless steel parts. It offer great playing characteristics and a very nice sound. It can help improving your play as he delivers precise feedback to the bowhand. Its perfectly clear and transparent sound helps to play with perfect intonation.

  • Outfit: Stainless steel
  • Stick: round
  • Weight: ca. 57 Gram
  • Frog: Snakewood

The M-bows are a perfect fit for all small violas. They draw a warm, full sound which is open and clear, not the least nasal but rich and sonorous with great projection. The elasticity of their sticks is designed to match the shorter, softer strings of smaller instruments. Their weight is similar to traditional violin bows, which provides great playability and comfort, while bearing sufficient mass for bowings that require some impulse.