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Strings Service

We are proud of our fully staffed workshop with highly trained and experienced craftsmen providing a full range of services.

Be it a minor adjustment, emergency repairs, to complex restorations to fine instruments, our clients include artists from around the world.


All musical instruments require periodic adjustment and maintenance in order to function to highest expectations. String instruments are particularly sensitive to sudden and frequent changes in temperature and humidity which are stressful to the instrument, which is, after all, under constant tension. Because we live in a climatic zone that is particularly hard on string instruments, we offer a free annual checkup for instruments bought from us. This allows early detection of any serious issues that might develop, thereby saving expense and greater damage to the instrument over time. An expert tone adjustment addressing the correct setup and fine regulation of bridge and soundpost will make your instrument sound its very best. We strive to insure that every instrument that leaves our hands be stable, responsive and a joy to play.


Accidents happen; time takes its toll, especially on old and fragile instruments or those that have been neglected over time. Violin, viola cello and contrabass repairs receive prompt attention by our highly experienced instrument makers. Services range from general maintenance, refined setup, tone adjustment and emergency repairs such as open seams and cracks; tuning-peg, fingerboard and soundpost adjustments. Good loaner instruments are available while your instrument is with us.


When valuable string instruments sustain major damage, or have deteriorated to a level where serious intervention is required, our master craftsmen undertake the task of restoration with skill, sensitivity and much experience. Restoration of a valuable instrument puts a great deal of responsibility into the craftsman’s hands. We constantly strive to be conservative in intervention and dedicated to respecting and preserving the original as much as possible. This is essential not only to protect the instrument against possible additional loss in value, but it is also obligation to the original creator of the instrument and to future generations as well.

Detailed written estimates are provided at a nominal charge, which is applicable toward the cost of repairs.


The rehairing and repairing of bows is a high level skill requiring highly specialized training and a great deal of experience. It is said that a carpenter works to the nearest centimeter, the violin maker to the nearest millimeter, but the bowmaker to the nearest one tenth of a millimeter. Remenyi House of Music is proud to offer the services of a high level expert bow maker-restorer in house. Simon Shaw was trained in England and in France, and has been in the employ of one of the most prestigious Paris ateliers. In addition to restorations, he is known for his magnificent copies of French master bows, made on commission for discerning players.


Increasingly, insurance companies require an up-to-date market valuation and in some cases, a detailed condition report from a reliable source. Michael Remenyi Sr. has served as appraiser to institutions and individuals across Canada, including the Royal Ontario Museum, provincial and private instrument collections, Canada Customs, the C.B.C.’s Antiques Road Show.

For instruments under $5,000 value, verbal opinions / valuations are offered without charge. Written appraisals for more valuable instruments are based on the following fee schedule. Note Appraisals are not to be confused with Authentication or Certification. Please make sure to bring all accompanying documents such as original bill of sale, certificates, or previous appraisals along with the instrument.

Appraisal is not to be confused with identification, authentication, or certification. These are services that may, in certain cases, be available at an additional charge.

For appraisal rates and appointments, please contact our violin department at


Value Under $5,000

Value $5,000-$50,000

Value $50,000 – $100,000   

Value Above $200,000

Written appraisal




.25% of value

Update a previous Remenyi appraisal










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