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Guitar Service

Remenyi House of Music offers a wide variety of service to ensure your guitar is playing the way the maker intended it to.

Repairs & Maintenance

All musical instruments require periodic adjustment and maintenance in order to function to highest expectations. Guitars are particularly sensitive to sudden and frequent changes in temperature and humidity which are stressful to the instrument, which is, after all, under constant tension. Because we live in a climatic zone that is particularly hard on instruments, we offer a free annual checkup for guitars bought from us. This allows early detection of any serious issues that might develop, thereby saving expense and greater damage to the instrument over time. Whether it’s a neck adjustment, string replacement or checkup, bring your instrument into Remenyi House of Music’s service department for expert service and maintenance.

If your instrument has been damaged or neglected, bring your guitar into our onsite repair facility. Our expert technicians can walk you through the steps that would be taken to give your guitar a new lease on life.


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