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In 1830, Friedrich Grotrian, the founder of Grotrian Piano Company, left Germany to establish a music business in Moscow. The town prospered and attracted many musicians like Clara Schumann, Franz Liszt and Anton Rubinstein. In 1835, Friedrich Grotrian and Heinrich Steinweg began Grotrian Pianos in Germany.

Heinrich immigrated to the United States in 1851, changed his name to Henry Steinway, and established the firm Steinway & Sons in 1853. Legendary for its distinctive sound, the Grotrian brand was known for being the only piano that the “Queen of Pianists” Clara Schumann would play at the peak of her peerless career. Grotrian pianos have graced the homes of royalty across three centuries.

The Grotrian pianoforte factory has been in the family for six generations. And one thing has never changed in all this time - the passion for music. This is and always has been the driving force behind everything, including some unusual developments. Manufacturing pianos in Braunschweig, Germany, Grotrian is one of the oldest piano manufacturers in the world that is still producing hand crafted masterpieces.


Made only possible with years of research and development, the Concerto G-118 is an instrument that captures the magical tone of polyphonic singing. Only the very best, carefully selected materials are used in this piano. The result is a uniquely resonant vocal sound – and a uniquely rewarding musical experience.


Its tone is so breathtakingly clear and refined, it has a truly sculptural quality. And yet this instrument is exceptionally versatile. You can play it with passion and virtuosity, secure in the knowledge that the sound of the Concerto G-124 will impress not only you but everyone listening to as well.


With a simple but elegant appearance and fantastic acoustic properties, the Concerto G-131 is an instrument of extraordinary value. Playing the Concerto G-131 is like riding on huge emotional waves, because its sounds are more reminiscent of a salon grand than an upright piano. When you sit down at Concerto G-131, you are assured the appreciation of your listeners.


It takes centuries of tradition and constant refinement in the piano-making craft to produce an instrument with such magnificent acoustic properties. The Concerto G-132 looks like an upright, but sounds like a grand piano. When you sit down at the Concerto G-132, you’re putting yourself at the center of attention.


Sit down at the Concerto G-165 and your living room is transformed into a concert hall from the very first note. The strings hold around 18 tons of tension. And thanks to the perfectly engineered mechanics, even the most delicate touch will articulate a clear tone with astonishing volume.


No expense was spared on the Concerto G-192. And you can tell – both in its appearance and its sound. Measuring 192 cm in length, the Concerto G-192 is a genuine chamber concert instrument with finely nuanced tonal qualities. Perfect for academic teachers and discerning musicians at home.


The Concerto G-208 has a sound with such an impressive dynamic spectrum and such well-balanced transparency that it becomes a source of inspiration for the pianist.

The quality of this grand piano is the result of the latest insights that have come to light at our manufacturing plant in Braunschweig, based on more than 180 years of experience and craftsmanship in building upright and grand pianos.


Every facet of the dynamic spectrum can be perfectly expressed on the Concerto G-225. Its sound fills medium-sized halls and conservatories, opera houses and large salons. The Concerto G-225 is a product of centuries of experience, intense research and close consultation with music teachers, pianists and acoustic experts.


The Concerto G-277 has the sonority and brilliance of an entire orchestra. It is not without reason that the Concerto G-277 is one of the best grand pianos in the world. Its sound, its mechanism and its features meet the highest standards of quality, exclusivity and perfection.


The WG-18 gives out a sound seemingly coming from the heaven. Its elegant and simple design can be easily blended into a variety of styles. Its exquisite craftsmanship for the delicate touches and the creation of natural and beautiful notes renders a comfortable playing experience for you.


The WG-23 gives out a sound seemingly coming from the heaven. Its elegant and simple design can be easily blended into a variety of styles. Its exquisite craftsmanship for the delicate touches and the creation of natural and beautiful notes renders a comfortable playing experience for you.


In the resonance of spiritual sound from the WG-26, you are being immersed in a beautiful and meaning life. You are being triggered an original and vivid feeling.


Wilhelm Grotrian series is considered the masterpiece among the upright piano models. It offers stability and durability for a smooth touch as taught in the textbook. Its classical aesthetic design and mature texture create a higher adaptability and a wider application for all kinds of occasions, to help you achieve a remarkable life.


Wilhelm Grotrian series WGS-116 has a stable body and offers comfortable touch and beautiful sound. Suitable for different types of music expressions, it helps you get better and better in performance. Its craftsmanship and design have passed the tests for over a century and have always helped to move one step closer towards endless achievements.


It is always lovely for you to own a professional upright piano WGS-120 to serve as your reliable music companion, so as to pursue your love of music. The compact size of the piano makes it easy to fit into a variety of interiors. It is especially useful for piano teaching and practice.


With a professional core configuration, an elegant appearance and a compact size, the WGS-152 is suitable for more occasions in terms of space. The WGS-152 is your better choice, whether it is used for a sophisticated and elegant gathering or an immersive small concert.


The WGS-165 offers professional performance in a piano that can fit in most homes and teaching studios. The exceptional sound and tone bring outstanding expressiveness and appeal, so even in your home, you can sound like you’re in a concert hall.


The WG-170 records the notes of history and maintains the original elegance. It is made of ingeniously selected materials such as Alaskan Sitka spruce, a Renner action and maple woods from North America. Its elegant design allows you to enjoy a European classical atmosphere in the comfort of your home.


The Wilhelm Grotrian WG-188 is a concert level instrument. It is crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, resulting in a rich, warm, and nuanced sound that is highly sought after by professional pianists and enthusiasts alike. Its design includes a spruce soundboard, Renner action, and ebony keys. The WG-188’s craftmanship and quality materials makes it a popular choice for performance venues, recording studios, and private homes of serious musicians.


The largest of the Wilhelm Grotrian family, the WG-211 is comfortable on the concert stage as well as the discerning musician’s home. It features a spruce soundboard, Renner action, and ebony keys, all meticulously crafted by hand to create a rich, warm, and nuanced tone. Its larger size and longer strings allow for a greater range of tonal expression, making it a popular choice for solo performances and recording studios.