In autumn 1853, Julius Blüthner started a modest piano making workshop in Leipzig, Germany - the legendary “City of Music”, where Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Mahler spent their most productive years.

>Blüthner pianos rapidly rose to prominence and were, for a long time considered the best in the world – preferred by the great pianists including Liszt, Rubinstein, Rachmaninov, Debussy and Stravinsky, who all owned Blüthners.

This piano has a rich yet refined tone that has enchanted not only pianists of every musical genre, but also great composers, conductors, opera singers and string instrument virtuosi. Its purity of sound makes Blüthner the ideal piano for recording and broadcast, and they are found today in studios around the world. At Abbey Lane the Beatles recorded on and eventually toured with Blüthner pianos.

The recipe is still the same: special woods from the high Alps, seasoned 12 years; more than 6000 parts and components assembled in each instrument. All lumber is naturally aged, and the patented cylindrically crowned soundboard is painstakingly crafted to vibrate and project sound freely. But most important, it is the special resonance system patented back in 1878 by Julius Blüthner, that continues to make this piano so special.

Not everyone prefers to have the loudest, most penetrating sounding piano in their home or recital room. Many prefer a classical sound that fills the air with tone of utmost clarity and colour. Subtle nuances that respond instantly to the fingers. That is the Blüthner piano of today.

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An instrument as imposing in its grandeur as it is in its level of performance. The Model 1 is the masterpiece of the Blüthner line and embodies the knowledge acquired over the past 150 years of piano making. It is one of the most dependable instruments with regard to tuning stability, action regulation and steadfastness in adverse climate conditions. Orchestras and pianists alike are impressed by the powerful sound, the shading of the dynamics and the outstanding performance of the instrument.



This beautiful instrument compares closely to its larger brother in power and dynamic range. It is recognized internationally as among the best of its class. This instrument will capture your imagination and inspire you with its powerful dynamics and clear tone, allowing for greater freedom of interpretation. Its 7'8" (238cm) size maintains the authority of the full concert grand but has an intimacy in tonal quality like no other. Well suited to solo recitals or as the perfect complement to a chamber orchestra. This piano presents the pianist as a true master, a pianists dream for his or her personal piano.



A popular professional size piano that delivers sufficient power and projection to serve anywhere, as a top-class solo or accompaniment instrument. For all professional requirements, the Model 4 fits the demands of larger music rooms, smaller concert halls or music studios. Its 6'10" (210cm) length gives more power to its lyrical tone qualities so that it can more than meet the needs of the most demanding pianist.



The Model 6 Grand Piano offers a generous proportion of sound dimensions and dynamics. This instrument offers comprehensive possibilities of artistic music performance and meets the demands of professionals. The tonal qualities make this a concert instrument suitable for solo recitals or accompaniment in small venues or even a larger room of a home.



The Model 10 is well suited for the smaller home or a music studio of moderate proportions. The string lengths have been calculated to use the total surface of the soundboard resulting in a resounding but clear bass and a glittering treble. This is the smallest model fitted with the Aliquot system. The dynamic range of the instrument responds well to professional requirements, providing an astonishing fullness of tone where space is restricted.



This instrument is meant to serve where space is limited. Its size permits the advantages of a grand piano where otherwise only an upright would find room. By using the same principles of construction that are applied to the larger instruments, this model leaves nothing to be desired with regard to its tonal character and dynamic range. The proven Blüthner soundboard design is exploited to the greatest extent to achieve superb resonance and fullness of tone that makes one feel that the instrument is longer than it really is. The perfect complement to your home, a small flat or a music studio



The Model D, Blüthner has produced a revolutionary piano with a modern design that would suit any interior. A true style icon, the beautifully designed Model D comes with chrome fittings. With a function over form approach as illustrated with its full length music desk, the piano has clean lines and is certain to be a focal point of your room. The newest addition to the Blüthner upright range, the Model D comes with a Renner action and fine Abel hammers, making it an ideal choice, offering Blüthner’s classic Golden Tone and responsive action in a compact cabinet.



The 124cm Blüthner Model A upright piano makes for a perfect pairing for the more discerning pianist. A refined and resonant piano with a similar string length to a baby grand piano offers the pianist a rich, resonant sound for which Blüthner has become famously known.

A gently curved cabinet enhances a beautifully sized and designed instrument of classic proportions. All Blüthner and Haessler pianos can be supplied in a wide range of finishes including an extensive selection of veneers or any colour as determined by the customer.

With each Blüthner instrument being entirely hand-crafted using only the finest materials available our goal is to utilize over 160 years of piano manufacturing experience coupled with modern techniques and materials to provide pianists with distinctive, ground-breaking new standards in sound and expression



The Blüthner Model B is widely recognized as the pianists choice for a professional upright piano.  An achievement in technical and musical perfection, the Model B offers the rich tonal color and dynamic range beloved by Blüthner owners in a perfect match for your home or practice room.