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A visit to the August Förster factory in the small town of Löbau, Germany, transports one back to a different era. An era where time runs at a slower pace. Craftsmen sitting at traditional woodworkers' benches with well-used hand tools, glue pots, clamps and very little machinery. There used to be dozens of piano makers in this region but today only a few remain. August Förster is one that has always been held in special affection in the piano world.

This is still very much a family affair. Annakatrin Förster manages this perfect jewel of a piano factory together with one of Europe’s most distinguished master piano builders, Mr. Frank Israel. They are both on the production floor daily, putting their hand on each and every piano that leaves the factory bearing this proud family name.

Sit in front of a Förster piano and let your senses guide you; this is what the golden age of piano making was all about. Your fingers caress the flawless finish: rare, rich wood veneers emit a warm glow, the black high-gloss lacquer seems to be a foot thick and so smooth that it is hard to believe that it was polished entirely by hand. The interior finishing is like a Swiss Watch, with metalwork smooth and polished to utter perfection. The keys are a dream to touch; the sharps are still genuine ebony. Play a chord, and you will hear a tone of distinguished nobility and depth – a darker, richer tone than many pianos you have heard. If you crave sonority, power and depth of tone, the August Förster is the instrument for you.

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The model 116D is a favourite at Remenyi, because of its uniquely full sound for size. Invariably such a high level instrument gets passed from generation to generation. The advantage of the Continental styling is two-fold. Because the resonating body is in direct contact with the floor, the tone transmission is improved, resulting in the fullest most resonant tone possible. Whether in black gloss or any number of warm wood finishes, the 116 is distinguished by its neutral and understated elegance.


A suitable substitute for a small baby grand piano, the 125G brings together elegance and power. August Förster upright pianos are individually handcrafted for generations, an almost unlimited variety of styles and veneer will be available to fulfill the request of our customers.


There are no compromises in tone for sake of compact size. Again, due to its unique scaling and extended soundboard, this is a performance instrument in every respect. This piano is also a little beauty in appearance. Its gracefully proportioned lines and refined cabinet style set August Förster apart, paying homage to their uncompromising attention to detail.


The model 190 grand is currently receiving rave comments from discerning pianists visiting our showrooms. The Master Class 6' 4" grand is a very special piano. Its extended soundboard and lower tension scaling produces a rich, sonorous tone that can whisper or thunder at the player's command. Testimony to Förster's uncompromising standards and using the finest raw materials available, this is the grand to love and cherish for generations. Available in a wide range of styles and rare wood veneers.


Förster's great Artist Grand is legendary for its longevity and reliability. Found in recital halls, performance and recording studios and teaching institutions around the world, it offers the pianist power and musicality translated through a smooth and fast action Förster's legendary craftsmanship is evident in every detail. Everyone who loves great pianos owes it to themselves to spend time with this great instrument.


The world expects a lot from a great concert piano - and August Förster exceeds expectations: Power to fill even the largest of halls. Tone that projects evenly in all registers. Strength, durability and serviceability, adapting to individual artistic demands. A tone filled with nuance and colour, presenting a huge tonal pallet to the player. Förster's new model Super Mondial concert grand is extremely limited in production, with each and every instrument an individual creation by Förster's most experienced craftsmen.


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