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Gretsch Guitars

Remenyi + Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch was founded in 1883, by Friedrich Gretsch, he started his shop in Brooklyn, New York, and began to make banjos and drums. While it may be an unlikely start for a century-plus long musical legacy, young Fred wasn't the typical teen. By 1916 he had built the company into one of America's leading importers and manufacturers of musical instruments, and the operations moved into a 10-story building at 60 Broadway in Brooklyn. Fred knew that listening to what the public wanted was the key to growth, and the public wanted guitars. So, Gretsch began making guitars.

Initially, Gretsch offered acoustic archtops aimed at jazz musicians and a handful of flat-tops for country-western performers. Gretsch then pioneered new designs and manufacturing techniques, winning endorsements from some of the music industry’s most respected artists, including Chet Atkins, Eddie Cochran, Billy Duffy, Bono, Duane Eddy, George Harrison, Brian Setzer, Stephen Stills, and Malcolm Young.

Gretsch offers many different models of acoustic and electric guitars which are like functional art, they look as beautiful as the sound. Gretsch places its emphasis on hand-craftsmanship and commitment to quality over a storied 135 years and counting. Over the span of four generations, The Gretsch Company developed what came to be known "That Great Gretsch Sound".

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