Arcus M6 Silver Mounted Cello Bow

Arcus M6 Silver Mounted Cello Bow

Department: Strings

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The M6 makes playing the cello significantly more easy. It works fantastic with every repertoire and its playing is perfectly predictable. Its sound is similar to the best wooden bows at a fraction of the price.

  • Outfit: 935 Silver
  • Stick: Round
  • Weight: ca. 72 Gram
  • Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

If you are looking for a bow that enhances the warmth in the sound of your instrument, an Arcus M is most probably the right bow. It works really well with all smaller celli that are often a bit brighter in sound. The M-bows draw a very full, warm and rich sound which is also clear and provides good brilliance. They are good for the entire repertoire and provide great comfort, so that even after long hours of playing the bow arm still feels light and relaxed.