Zildjian ZPLUGSD HD Ear Plugs - Dark

Zildjian ZPLUGSD HD Ear Plugs - Dark

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  • Maintain High Frequencies at a Safe Volume
  • Made From Silicone
  • Carabiner Case for Travel
  • Made from Soft Silicone
  • Multiple Layers for Accurate Noise Reduction
  • One Size Fits Most

Zildjian has partnered with EarPeace to develop some of the best hearing protection on the market. These earplugs protect your hearing from any studio session, live gig, concert, drum corps rehearsal, or any other situation where your otherwise exposed ears might be barraged by extreme noise levels.

These HD Earplugs are designed around a few basic concepts, the first being, obviously, protecting your hearing. That said, they don't cut out crisp high sounds the way some lower-end earplugs do sometimes, but instead maintain the high-end while reducing it to a safe volume.

This means frequencies are reduced at a more consistent rate across the board, allowing you to still hear the music for what it actually sounds like, just with the volume slider turned down a bit to a safer level. This also means you'll still be able to hear and understand people trying to talk to you while you have them in.

They are extremely comfortable, meaning you can wear them all day, if you need to--you'll probably forget they're even there, considering they don't muddy the sound of the world around you much at all.