Schaller Pick Up Guitar Schaller Oyster S/P External 1/4" Jack Chrome

Schaller Pick Up Guitar Schaller Oyster S/P External 1/4" Jack Chrome

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723 identical with technical details such as 721 and 722, but intended for visible mounting on the instrument. Therefore provided with a durable chrome-plated or gold-plated housing. Supplied with 3m cable with plug.

  • Our patented Oyster pickups offer realistic and powerful sound reproduction of the instrument, without the active circuitry and preamplifier.
  • The excellent sound reproduction is achieved through the perfect interaction of membrane-piezo element and plastic contact gel.
  • All models are Oyster with a double-sided adhesive film, alternatively fastened with a removable adhesive pads that do not damage the instrument cover. The models 721 and 722 are for indoor installation, designed the 723-727 models for outdoor installation.

For guitars with a very good response, we recommend the thin adhesive pads. The use of silicone rubber is ideal when highest volume levels to be achieved.

  • Procedure: Cut about 2 cm adhesive, remove the protective film and impose the spherical mass with the underside of the pickups on the guitar. Done!

Preferred Placement:
Since resonance and construction of the guitars are different, you should be looking for the ideal positioning of the pickups on the respective instrument. Three options are often used in practice:

  • Under the strings, before the bridge, between the 2nd and 3 Treblesaite
  • Directly on the treble side of the bridge
  • Behind the bar, treble side

On the models 727 and 728, the second capsule is placed in the corresponding area of the bass strings. The control box should be fixed in principle with the already glued foil at an easily accessible place.

Carefully lift off the cartridge without pulling on the cord. By careful rotary movements of the capsule is easier to solve. Remove any remnants of self-adhesive film can best be overcome with a little guitar polish.