Kun Voce Violin Shoulder Rest

Kun Voce Violin Shoulder Rest

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To meet the demands of string players worldwide, Kun is always engaged in research and development. Our company strives to produce new materials, mechanisms and shapes in order to give musicians the maximum in comfort and simplicity. Our products incorporate the highest level of aesthetic appeal and have often been described by users as sculptural in shape.

The Voce (a gold medal winner for design) embodies a revolution in shoulder rest development. Created from authentic aerospace-grade carbon fibre with enhanced acoustic properties, the Voce is strong, and our lightest-weight rest. With its ergonomic design, the Voce is slightly wider than other Kun rests and offers utmost comfort, in keeping with all Kun products. This rest incorporates a unique and inventive lateral adjusting mechanism which provides finite adjustment and Kun's patented folding mechanism, where the ends fold for compactness. The clamping forks are also a patented offset design which increase positioning possibilities and maximize stability on the violin when the player requires enhanced placement options. Available for 4/4 Violins.