Celebration Series Piano Repertoire 2015 Edition - Prep B

Celebration Series Piano Repertoire 2015 Edition - Prep B

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Celebration Series®, 2015 Edition is a comprehensive series of graded repertoire and etudes for piano. This outstanding collection of music from the Baroque era to the present day provides thoroughly engaging teaching and learning materials. Each book includes high-quality recordings, easily accessible online, to inspire students and teachers. The Piano Repertoire books provide a representative collection of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and contemporary style periods. These volumes are the ultimate resource for examinations, recitals, festivals, competitions, auditions, and personal enjoyment.

Table of Contents Preparatory B Piano Repertoire

The Rising Sun - Nancy Telfer Starfish at Night - Anne Crosby Gaudet New Shoes - Linda Niamath Aeolian Lullaby - Joan Hansen Distant Chimes - Jon George Jumping Jacks - Andrew Markow The Hen - Nikolai Ljubarski Oranges and Lemons - arr. Boris Berlin The Calico Cat - Helen Marlais Foggy Beach - Stephen Chatman Cruising - Carol Barratt Minuetto, op. 37, no. 2 - James Hook Arietta in C Major, op. 42, no. 5 - Muzio Clementi To Fly Like an Eagle - Anne Crosby Gaudet A Little Joke, op. 39, no. 6 - Dmitri Kabalevsky Pop Goes the Weasel - arr. Andrew Markow A Song, op. 36, no. 3 - Alexander Gedike Sneaky Sam - Melody Bober Pixies on Parade - Teresa Richert Mystery - Christine Donkin Sherlock Holmes - Mike Schoenmehl On a Greek Island - Mark Mrozinski Cool Groove - Edwin McLean The Swing - Chee-Hwa Tan The Marching Trumpets - Boris Berlin Playful Puppy - Linda Niamath Bouncing Ball - Teresa Richert The Tired Turtle Express - Christine Donkin