Seiler Pianoforte ranks among Europe’s largest piano factories and exports its grand and upright pianos to over fifty different countries on all five continents.

Seiler was in the founding family’s hands for five generations and was established in 1849 by pianist and craftsman Eduard Seiler in the Silesian town of Liegritz. Recently, SEILER has become a member of Samick Music Corporation.

In the international marketplace, Seiler stands for a corporate philosophy resting on five pillars reflected in the terms: Quality, Artistic Craftsmanship, Innovativeness, Price/Performance Ratio, and Tonal Beauty.

Eduard Seiler

Eduard Seiler instruments combine the most recent production techniques, high-quality materials from North America and the craftsmanship of Seiler’s highly skilled piano makers. Every detail is based on perfected German Seiler design. It contains the patent German Seiler Membrator soundboard, wide tail design as well as a cast iron plate for added longevity and stability. The Eduard Seiler is a German quality instrument at an affordable price. 

Johannes Seiler

When first touching the Johannes Seiler, one might be surprised by the quality of sound, ease of touch and combination of classic and modern design. Named after the company’s founder in 1849, Seiler’s tradition of craftsmanship had been cultivated through the generations. Chosen materials of the highest possible quality and an extensive process of production lead to a quality instrument at a reasonable price.