In 1890 Dwight Baldwin vowed to build the best piano that could be built. Over the next 125 years, the Baldwin Piano Company would become one of Americas leading piano manufactures.

Beginning with the Paris Exposition of the Arts and Manufacturers in 1900, the well-built instruments earned top honors at World's Fairs in St. Louis (1904), London (1914), Brussels (1958), Seattle (1964), and New York (1964-65). Baldwin pianos soon captured the attention of well-known artists around the world, beginning with turn-of-the-century stars like Marcella Sernbrich and Vladimir de Pachmann and including Leonard Bernstein, Liberace, Aaron Copland, André Previn, Dave Brubeck, Lawrence Welk, Zubin Mehta, Carly Simon, and Bruce Hornsby, among many others. Baldwin took pains to emphasize that these were not compensated endorsements, but "a professional judgment and commitment" to the instrument.

Today, Baldwin pianos are owned and operated by Gibson, one of the most recognizable names in music.  Using top quality materials from Europe and America, the Baldwin piano is shocking the world again with its quality and tone.

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Here are some great examples of a Baldwin being used in a recording: