GelRest for Wittner Chinrest

GelRest for Wittner Chinrest

Department: Strings

SKU: 208742


GelRest chin rest covers have an incredible, almost human, texture that you have to feel to believe. We achieve this baby-skin texture with an ultra soft, non-absorbent, plastic material. We don't use foams because they are like sponges -- full of tiny air pockets that absorb dirt, sweat, and even bacteria. A GelRest will give you a violin chin rest that gently molds to your jawbone, yet is durable and easy to keep clean.

The Wittner style GelRest is a great fit for your 4/4 Wittner violin or viola left-mount chinrest. The peel-and-stick adhesive is extra strong to stick to the non-slip Wittner, or any plastic, chinrest surface. It stays securely in place and can be removed cleanly with no residue. Easy to clean with any mild, streak-free cleaner on a soft cloth, or paper towel. Say good-bye to your violin hickey as you transform your hard chin rest into one that feels comfortable, yet looks good too!