Alhambra the all powerful

Posted by Peter Martin on

With their small factory and 50 years of experience, Alhambra has given itself the reputation for building beautiful hand-crafted classical, flamenco, and steel-string guitars in Spain. Helping to provide high-quality authentic Spanish guitars to students, professionals, and everyone in between.


The Alhambra 2c features, Indian rosewood fingerboard, a solid German spruce top, available to order with solid red cedar top as well, with mahogany back, and sides. This gives the 2c bright clear sound while still retaining the depth and rich tone that Spanish classical guitars are known for. Staying with the Spanish classical design the 2c uses a Classical 3 fan bracing, this gives the guitar the right amount of added strength and stability, to make a reliable sturdy instrument while still allowing the top to vibrate and resonate enough to give you the volume and quality tone of the 2c

On all Alhambra guitars, they use a traditional Spanish heel neck joint, a type of neck joint that extends into the body then the body is built around the neck. A Spanish heel is a much more time-consuming method of construction than gluing the neck onto the body, the way many student guitars are made. but in this guitar, you can feel the time is worth it by giving the guitar superior durability, sustain, and tone. 

The neck of the 2c has a thin profile and 25.5-inch scale length making it comfortable and easy to play.   


With a natural high gloss finish of polyurethane lacquer, to accentuate the grains of the high quality tonewoods Alhambra uses, and makes for a more durable finish without compromising sounds. Also with a double sycamore binding around the body the Alhambra 2c is a beautiful instrument to look at and play.